LPGA Women's Network: Advice For Your Game, Inspiration For Your Life

"Solheim Cup Inspired Sweets" at LPGA Women's Network

The new network has offically launched!

On Monday August 14, as Solheim Cup week got underway, LPGA Women's Network went live with what aims to be the biggest and most passionate online forum for female golfers.  Created by the LPGA in response to input from hundreds of women, the goal is to create an online community that celebrates the growth and connections women can find through golf.

Unique content will be provided by some of golf's most well known female thought leaders and influencers; LPGA players will give fans an exclusive glimpse into their lives outside the ropes and LPGA teaching pros will present instructional videos, tips and advice... for both beginners and competitive players.  Meanwhile top female writers, bloggers and journalists will showcase the latest golf lifestyle trends with stories on fashion, fitness travel and cuisine.

As the community grows the social hub, an online forum, and a resource directory will connect community members and allow us to share experiences and find female-friendly events and organizations.

So have a look at the new LPGA Women's Network, while you're there, check out Solheim Cup Inspired Sweets, my watch party recipes. They'll sweeten your weekend no matter which side you're rooting for.

Note: Membership is free! It subscribes you to the newsletter and unlocks a myriad of member perks including exclusive discounts on travel, golf and lifestyle product. Join the LPGA Women's Network today!


An Ultra-Cool Winner, An Inspiring Amateur & The Elephant In The Skybox

For true fans of women's golf, this past Sunday at 2017 US Women's Open was stellar;  a picture perfect day, a course that challenged the best in the world and three players tied for the lead with just a half dozen holes left to play.

The chance of an amateur winning is always going to be tantalizing. It represents the possibility that athletic purity can best financial incentive.  It actually happened in 1967 when Cathrine Lacoste won the US Women's Open as a 22-year-old, and it looked like it could happen again for Hye-Jin Choi in Bedminster. She was one of the three in the aforementioned tie at the 66th hole of the Championship.

Shanshan Feng was another, the Olympic bronze medal winner held the lead for the first three rounds and was in line to become the first Chinese player to win the US Women's Open. She put up a valiant fight, but ultimately her putter failed her, and a triple bogey on the 18th dashed her chances of a playoff.

That playoff would have been against  LPGA Tour rookie, Sung Huyn Park, whose Sunday charge led to the win and her first LPGA Tour victory. As a long hitter with seven wins on the KLPGA her debut victory is not that surprising. Sung Huyn Park has a massive fan base and a personal style that reflects fierceness, determination and power.  On course she's remarkably deliberate. She's got a wrist tattoo, short hair and a long lean physique, her nickname is "Dak Gong", translation: "Shut up and attack". Quite possibly the coolest nickname ever.  Sung Huyn Park is formidable. She'll most certainly be Rookie of the Year and a force on the LPGA Tour for years to come.  Unfortunately, her remarkable win will not be what most remember about the 2107 US Open.  What will stand out when looking back at this championship will be the "elephant in the skybox" at Bedminster.

Though golfers, golf media and true golf fans attempted to overlook the distraction, it was for the general public, "so big you couldn't ignore it", and while there wasn't massive protest there was an underlying atmosphere of unease. There were some spectators wearing shirts with the pragmatic and now familiar message: "Elect a clown, expect a circus".  Others were less subtle, their shirts read USGA: Dump Sexist Trump.  Security was intense and kept the protesters at bay, but the galleries, for the most part, were focused on the skybox.


A Threesome on the 4th - Golf Outfit Inspiration for Indpendence Day

A Threesome on the 4th
July 4th Golf Fashion Inspiration - Styles from EPNY, Greg Norman, Polo Golf, PUMA, Jamie Sadock, and more.  TheGolfGirl via Polyvore

It's an iconic combination to be sure, with red representing hardiness and valor, while white evokes purity and innocence. Then there's blue, for vigilance and justice. 

That explanation makes it's easy to understand why the red, white and blue color palette is so powerful. 

Here in the US, though flags fly proudly throughout the year, the summer season is a special time for the patriotic color scheme. From Memorial Day at the end of May, to Labor Day in early September, our streets, homes and public buildings are resplendent in red, white and blue; Old Glory... in all her glory.

So, as we head into the Independence Day weekend, it's a perfect time to rock a patriotic palette on the golf course. With so many stellar designers doing golf apparel these days, the choices are endless.  Happy 4th of July.


Rosemilk Pudding - The perfect dessert for #NationalPinkDay

Recipe for Rosemilk pudding

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: approximately 20 minutes


2 tbsp Agar powder
1 2/3 cup Milk
2 tbsp Condensed Milk
1/2 tsp Rose syrup


Add the agar to a pan and add about 1/2 cup of water.  Heat the pan in medium to low heat and let the agar dissolve completely.  Once the agar looks soft, mash with a back of a spoon to dissolve it completely.  At this stage add the milk slowly and keep stirring constantly .  Once you add the milk you might notice a few bits of agar agar floating on top, to dissolve this completely keep stirring until it dissolves completely and looks smooth.  Finally add the condensed milk and stir well.  Take it off of the heat and let it cool down for about 5 minutes, then add the rose syrup and dissolve well.  Now you can pour the mix into a fancy mould (like I did) or just use a 9 inch cake pan. Let it set overnight.  Once set, keep refrigerated until serving time, then unmold onto a serving plate. Decorate with whipped cream or serve plain.

Happy National Pink Day!

Golf Gifts for Father's Day - 6 Suggestions To Make An Impression

Golf Gifts for Father's Day

Golf Gifts for Father's Day by thegolfgirl featuring Arctic Cool, Tourney, Parallel Putter and more. 

As holiday's go, Father's Day lends itself quite well to golfers, falling as does in mid-June, when the sport is... in full swing.

Tournaments (both professional and amateur) are taking place continually and the golf shops are well stocked with the latest equipment, apparel and accessories.

So if you're shopping for a Dad who loves the game, you're probably considering a golf gift. But with all the choices it's not always easy to focus in and find the perfect present.  To that end, we've got a few suggestions:

1. Give Him A Piece Of Golf History

Golden Age Golf Cocktail Shaker

For something truely unique check out eBay Golf Antiques (where I found this golf cocktail shaker for my husband) or head over to one of the amazing sites that specializes in golf antiques and collectibles. Golf Links to the Past is one of my favorites, GolfAntiquesOnLine is another.  The array of items available is amazing!

2. Give Him An Innovative Putter

Parallel Putter - Game Changing Innovation

Drive for show, putt for dough. We all know that saying... and most of us agree with it.  So why is there so little innovation in putter design ? Probably because so many golfers are reluctant to change their putter...even when it's clearly not working. Well, Parallel Putter truly IS innovative, with a side shaft design that helps with some of the most common putting mistakes. And it's approved by the USGA.  If you're gifting a Dad who regularly 3 (or 4/5) putts this could be just the gift that finally moves him to try something different.

3. Give Him An Entire Outfit

Golf Guy Style

A quality polo shirt in an unexpected shade, an elegant pullover for layering or a classic pair of chinos made especially for golf; each would be an excellent gift on its own, but if you can, why not put the whole thing together for him?  With the iconic Tourney golf brand now producing afordable apparel this might be the perfect year to give him the outfit... in its entirety.  

4. Give Him The Balls of His Dreams

Chromax Golf Balls - Purple Is My Preference 

They may not be shiny or purple... like my favorite Chromax golf balls... but most golfers have a particular brand and model of ball they covet.  Find out exactly what it is and give him a 12 pack.

5. Give Him Something Ultra Cool

Father's Day comes at the start of summer.  If only there was a gift to help him handle the heat, right? Turns out there is! Arctic Cool makes instant cooling shirts;  polos for the golf course and crewnecks for the range. They also make a cooling towel... for added refreshment.   

6. Give Him A Golf Experience

That's The Ticket

Lastly, there's the experiential golf gift where possibilities are limited only by your imagination... and, well... your budget.  That said, a round of golf would surely be appreciated. Choose a local favorite or a far flung fantasy course. Or, if he's a fan, consider tickets to a professional tournament in your area... The Travelers Championship always works well for our gifting.  And if this is the year for a splurge, definitely consider that once-in-a-lifetime ticket to The Masters . Personally, I'd love to offer my husband a fabulous trip to France for the 2018 Ryder Cup... but I'm afraid I can't quite swing it. Well, Italy 2022 is a possibility and that leaves us something to look forward to.     Happy Father's Day to golf dads everywhere.  


PuntaCana Dreaming - Memories Are Made At Puntacana Resort

Puntacana Resort & Club: A Stellar Escape, On So Many Levels              © Golf Girl Media

Cathleen Hannigan
In response to our recent spate of unseasonably chill Connecticut weather I've been waxing nostalgic for the sun-saturated DR... and the sublime Puntacana Resort and Club.  

You see, it's been just over a week since I returned from a paradisical Punta Cana getaway and the memories are still so fresh.
Corales Golf Club: A Championship Course in Paradise                                  © Golf Girl Media

In fact, as I was playing a windswept round on our local course a few days ago, my thoughts kept taking me back to the stunning breakers of Corales Golf Course: All of a sudden.... there I'd be... back on the terrace of the VIP lounge, sipping an excellent espresso and watching Tour pros confront Devil's Elbow ...that is, until a gust of icy wind knocked me back to the reality of New England.

The Tour's Colombia Championship Winner Ethan Tracy
It was a thrill to attend the 2nd annual Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship, and so exciting to watch the Tour pros tackle the spectacular seaside course.  A Tom Fazio design, Corales is breathtaking... and Devil's Elbow, the beautiful, brutal final three holes, makes for a uniquely exciting finish.

In keeping with the excellence of the venue, The Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship will be transitioning to a PGA tour event starting in March 2018.  At the presser, where the official announcement was made, we learned about the orgins of this magical resort and heard the inspiring story of Frank Ranieri, the visionary Dominican businessman who patiently and responsibly developed Puntacana Resort & Club over many years, taking it from a swatch of beach and dense jungle, to what it is today: a multi-faceted, world class vacation destination encompassing a wide variety of resort and residential communities, all created with sustainable tourism in mind.

La Cana Golf Course: Challenging For Experts, But Playable For Beginners        @ Golf Girl Media

In addition to Corales, the resort is home to La Cana Golf Course; 27 holes with surfside tees and ocean views galor, and very playable, even by mere mortals such as myself, who would, I'm guessing, find the Devils Elbow...  quite Hellish!

The thing is, outstanding golf is only one part of what makes this resort so wonderful.  My stay at the superlative Westin Puntacana Resort & Club was sublime. Ocean view rooms on Playa Blanca beach and an expansive pool complex create the perfect setting for a family getaway...whether or not there's golf in the equation.

The Westin Puntacana Resort & Club: Warm Welcome to a World Class Resort      @ Golf Girl Media

Accomodations also include Four Points by Sheraton Puntacana Village, with it's myriad of shopping and dining venues, plus the fabulously luxurious, five diamond Tortuga Bay, an amazing 30 room boutique hotel designed by the late Oscar de la Renta.

As for dining... and drinking... the choices are endless. From casually elegant sand-in-your-toes beach bars like Playa Blanca ...serving a superlative cherveich... to the 4 star Bamboo, featuring an array of ultra-fresh, eclectic entrees, most of them created with local ingredients. This reflects the commitment to sustainability that is so important to Puntacana Resort, and which I got to experience first hand on a tour of the Ojos Indigenas Ecological Park where  there are environmental projects of all sorts underway under the canopy of a lush green rainforest.

Tropical Fruit For Breakfast: Locally Sourced & Delicious                   @ Golf Girl Media

Just then... I felt an icy rain begin to fall and found myself back in Connecticut on a chilly, gray golf course, whistfully pursuing my Puntacana daydreams.